• NEWS . 16 Dec 2019
  • ACS risk communication to women in primary care is lacking

  • Researchers have discovered that interventions are needed to improve communication about acute coronary syndrome (ACS) to at-risk women in the primary care setting.

    The scoping review study collected and evaluated studies that addressed risk communication, coronary heart disease and ACS, related to primary care settings, and involving women.

    The researchers from Arizona, USA, identified 11 articles that met their inclusion criteria and noted that although cardiovascular disease risk communication is common in primary care, ACS symptoms are rarely discussed. They also found that analysis of gender differences in risk communication is extremely limited.

    They concluded that there is scant evidence that primary care clinicians communicate effectively about ACS risk, symptoms and appropriate symptom response.

    Knight EP, et al. Communicating acute coronary syndrome risk to women in primary care: a scoping review of the literature. Patient Educ Couns 2019;102:2156-2161.